Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Gift That Keeps on Giving the Whole Year

That it is, Edward. That it is indeed.

My condolences to those unfortunate enough to be stuck at a place of employment today. The rest of us will enjoy day filled with sloth and delaying showering until the early afternoon hours. However, if you are at an office, it means that you're among the three percent of the workforce actually in your office today and therefore will also be doing nothing. Except pretending you're working. So I hope everyone enjoys a highly non-productive day.

I'm starting mine off right by not putting anything of merit here (assuming things usually are of merit here). My next update won't happen until Monday so there's no need to constantly check to see that I haven't updated like I'm sure most of you do. For now, I say Merry Christmas to you and if you need a late gift idea for anyone, here's a thought:

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