Friday, April 24, 2009

The Best, Worst and In Between of the Week: Video Edition

This week's recap is cleverly disguised as a video edition so one might think, "Wow, this is a different touch. Gray is really putting some thought into this." Well, let me let you on a little secret: It's happening because I'm lazy, and when faced with any sort of time management issues, I tend not to get anything done. So there. Now on to the recap...

I don't know how many of you know about this website called Xtranormal, but it allows you to create short 3D movies. They have scenes and characters from which to choose and all you have to do is provide the dialogue, which you create and type. It may seem a little childish, and it is to a certain degree, until something like this falls into the hands of cynical Ole Miss fans. Then the whole world benefits.

I present the video re-enactment of the Enrique Davis arrest via Red Cup Rebellion (I would embed these, but my lack of Interneting skills prevent me from doing so. Or maybe it's Xtranormal's fault).

Next, a conversation between Ole Miss Athletic Director Pete Boone and Chancellor Robert Khayat last spring on football scheduling (These next two links come from NAFOOM threads).

And finally, how it really went down when Mississippi State Athletic Director Greg Byrne fired Sylvester Croom (Language warning on this one).

If you watched any of game two of the Celtics/Bulls series on Monday night, you saw an out-of-action Kevin Garnett sitting on the Celtics' bench unleashing something close to 4,842 f-bombs throughout the course of the game, most notably at the end. It was a typical Garnett move, acting hard and gangster when he knows no one is going to challenge him. After all, who's going to go after a guy that's not even playing?

Garnett has gotten away with this act for years because no one would stand up to him. That is until a Russian named Zaza Puchulia came along in last year's playoffs. Puchulia showed the world that when confronted, Kevin Garnett is just as big of a bitch as every other NBA player (Except Charles Oakley. He really was crazy.).

Normally, the video below would be under the best of the week, but I couldn't come up with anything that belonged here. This is an actual commercial that is airing in Memphis and is probably the best one of our time.

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