Friday, February 20, 2009

John Tesh: Healer of DMV Visitors' Sanity

I planned to have something for today, but instead I spent my day dealing with the state of Tennessee employees who run one of the driver's license stations, vehicle emissions testing station, and the county clerk's office. So after spending 5 hours dealing with apathy, incompetence of an unbelievably high degree, and complete and utter inefficiency, I'm a little frazzled. Oh, and I'm still not done. I reached a boiling point while trying to get a license plate and just had to leave. The people in that building didn't know how close they were to receiving a barrage of Ed Orgeron-like headbutts.

Sorry to bore you with the rundown of my day today, but at least it gives you a reason as to why I brought nothing to the table (other than me being lazy). In asking for your forgiveness, I present to you a gift: Mr. John Tesh giving the backstory (then actually playing) the song he wrote for NBC's NBA coverage when they used to be a real network and televised sports other arena football (No, seriously, they did.). And it's safe to say this video is beyond spectacular.

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