Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Super Tecmo Bowl Star Dies

Reggie Roby dead at 43

I saw this yesterday and meant to do something on it but I forgot. I can only really remember Reggie Roby from Super Tecmo Bowl when he punted with the Dolphins. It was hard to tell if he was really good because most of the punters on that game could punt the ball the length of the field if you hit the meter just right. I'm pretty sure I remember averaging 70 yards a punt with whoever the Bills' punter was.

Sadly, Reggie Roby died yesterday from an unknown cause. According to the article, he was a good punter and I think he had to have been one of the first black punters. I have reason to believe he was one of the driving reasons behind former Clarion Ledger columnist C.B. Bryant's moving column on the lack of and need of black punters and kickers.

I know this hit close to home with Roach because of his love of the Dolphins. I think I remember Roach trying to shove the idea that Reggie Roby was the greatest punter of our time, much like he did and still does with Dan Marino and quarterbacks. The Roby argument never got started because, let's be honest, no one cared about punters.

Speaking of Dan Marino, I wonder if Roby ever got yelled at by Dan. I'm sure Roby was in a long line of players blamed by Dan for losing big games over the years. I'd like to think Roby and John Offerdahl hung out and talked about how much they didn't like Dan Marino.

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